Strand Barber & Beauty

Adriel Lively, owner of Strand Barber & Beauty and her staff want people to have a good time when they come in for service. Creating a fun and relaxed environment is an important quality for all that work here and for clients. For this reason, Strand Barber & Beauty has many repeat customers that they have a congenial connection to. Adriel notes,  “that at times, when customers come in it’s like catching up with friends!”

Adriel wants their current and potential customers to know that they really focus on creating a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. One example is that we do not list our services by gender – we want our business to be very welcoming to all. Additionally, as a business in a unique location she feels Strand Barber & Beauty is hyperlocal, offering  benefit to the neighborhood and those that come in. Adriel has her pulse on what’s going on in the neighborhood, so can offer recommendations on where to eat lunch or dinner, or supply general information about what’s developing in the neighborhood. She feels this is comparable to what happens in an ‘old time’ barber networking style. She feels it’s great to have a variety of businesses and services offered in the area, so clients can enjoy a diversity of services and retail in one place.


704 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109