LSA Meets With 250 Businesses To Conduct Survey!

From late 2015 to early spring 2016 LSA designed and conducted a widespread survey on and around the Larkin Street corridor. The survey team visited over 250 businesses and approximately 165 surveys were completed and submitted by local business and property owners. LSA put together the survey to best understand and gather real data about business owners’ interests and concerns in relation to their business and neighborhood.

To make the survey as simple and quick as possible, LSA developed a handful of questions specifically to hone in on top concerns and hopes for the neighborhood and obtain evidence in interest as participating as a LSA member. LSA feels that obtaining over 160 surveys was a terrific success opening a window to better connect with businesses.

To review some survey data points, of the businesses that took the survey: approximately 42% were restaurant, bars or hotels; 22% personal services; 17% retail; 12% grocery/market; 6% professional services, and the remaining percentage other types of businesses. 86% claimed that their first and second top concerns are related to neighborhood safety. 71% claimed their second and first concerns were related to neighborhood cleanliness. To see more data results culled from the survey please download a summary, here.

Thanks to the Office of Economic and Workforce Development and the Tenderloin Economic Development Project in their support and efforts to complete this project.

Larkin Street Business & Property Owner Association

Larkin Street Business & Property Owner Association