Why LSA?

Why LSA?

By becoming a LSA member you will join a cooperative of like minded businesses, organizations and neighborhood stakeholders focused on cultivating the business community and improving the neighborhood. In numbers we build strength and amplify our voice!

Below are a few benefits and reasons to join LSA, now:


  • Meet and network with other businesses, property owners, and neighborhood organizations at meetings and events
  • Increase your sales and social capital to other local merchants and neighborhood
  • Gain information and knowledge about city and local developments and opportunities
  • Use our website and initiatives to drive business


  • As a unified voice, advocate and work with city agencies on initiatives and plans to improve and increase resources to strengthen the business community and support the success of your business
  • Help our business corridor and area become a San Francisco destination
  • Collaborate with organizations and neighbors focused on a variety neighborhood issues, plans and developments
  • Participate in policy-making that effects your business, such as: safety, parking, beautification, economic development, public event and activation projects, and more!


  • Participate in LSA collaborative events and initiatives to drive and promote regional business
  • Gain knowledge and get involved with area cultural and larger street events in the area
  • Join LSA’s business directory
  • Help develop and drive marketing and neighborhood branding opportunities to promote the area as a city destination
  • Various advertising and cross-promotional opportunities